Providing Discreet Professional Security Services

Providing Discreet Professional Security Services

Providing Discreet Professional Security ServicesProviding Discreet Professional Security ServicesProviding Discreet Professional Security Services

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Mission Statement


-Our mission as Invictus is to protect and create value for the companies we work with. To do this, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence in every project and every assignment. The Invictus management team is comprised of military veterans and law enforcement, as well as top corporate sector professionals. 

-Invictus aims to provide customized protection and security solutions for every client. Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority.

-Invictus is the premier source for all of your security services needs including: security officers, bodyguard services, executive protection services, close protection, private investigations, security monitoring systems on-site or remote, estate protection, cctv, among others. 

-All of our agents are American veterans or law enforcement professionals. 

Fully licensed & insured. PPO #120436


Executive Protection


Invictus Protection Group provides  (EP), also known as close protection,  refers to security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the  safety of VIPs or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated  personal risk because of their employment, high-profile status, net  worth, affiliations or geographical location. 

Whether you are at home, the workplace, or traveling, our agents are highly trained to mitigate a threat without causing disturbance to the client.

Residential Protection


Invictus will combine our agents, systems, intelligence and immediate response  services, Invictus’s Residential Protection & Security Services delivers a level of protection that mitigates numerous risks at the  homes of VIPs. This level of protection is available to individuals on a  flexible basis as well, from providing one-time personal protection for executives to a dedicated team on site.

Threat Mitigation Specialist


Threat mitigation specialist are licensed Private Investigators that work undercover in various environments providing surveillance and threat detection for clients. They are dressed to blend in with others as to not draw attention to their presence allowing them to be more effective at their job. Our Mitigation Specialists are properly licensed to carry a firearm anywhere throughout the State of California and are required to maintain qualifications far and above the State Standard.

Secured Transport


With years of experience, our Protective Detail Specialists have the capabilities and expertise to insure your safety and security on the move.

Whether you are looking for a high end Sedan or a luxurious SUV, we can make it happen.

Threat Assessment


Threat and Vulnerable Assessments are a valuable tool for planned trips, assessing property, or as part of an advance package for a Protective Detail not familiar with a particular area.

Invictus Protection Group can put together a solid product that is hard copied and PDF'd giving you the best, most accurate information, allowing you to make the necessary changes to mitigate a threat.

IPG works with Businesses, HOA's, High Rise Condo's, Property Managers, and Real Estate Investors.

Country Risk Assessment


Country/Area Risk Assessments are a valuable tool for the traveling Executive or CEO. The Briefings are meant to educate your executives as to potential risks they may face in various Countries.

IPG can put together a comprehensive product that is PDF'd giving you the best, and most accurate information available, allowing you to make the necessary changes to mitigate a threat.

IPG works with Private Companies, Private Security Details, as well can be sub-contracted by other Security Firms providing protection for clients that travel abroad.

P.S.V.A (Personal Security Vulnerability Assessment)


The PSVA is a vital tool utilized to determine where you are most vulnerable at and determine what level of protection you may be in need of.

This can be done on a personal level as an Individual or an entire family.

We also work directly with Board of Directors for large Fortune 100 companies that want a clear understanding of their CEO's vulnerabilities and where they can be improved.

Work-Place Violence Prevention


Terminating an employee is never easy, sometimes these employees may be the sole providers for their families, which can elevate an already volatile emotional state. Once that employee has made threats, it is an employers responsibility to take action on it to ensure the safety and security of its employees.

Invictus Protection Group takes these potential threats very seriously and has put together a systematic approach in which to mitigate any potential work-place violence incidents.

Active-Shooter Response Plans


Invictus Protection Group will come in and put together a comprehensive Active-Shooter Response Plan for your facility. We work off the "Run, Hide, Fight" methodology, and keep it simple so that all can relate no matter what educational level they are on. The plan is implemented often in conjunction with our Work-Place Violence Prevention Programs.

According to the FBI, there were 40 active shooter incidents across 26 Sates throughout the U.S. from 2014-2015. This is an increase of 17 incidents from 2013.

Religous Services Protection


The Reality of Violence at Church

  • While rare, acts of violence do occur at churches.
  • Violent acts may include robbery, assault, rape, even attempted murder or murder.
  • The majority of violent acts are carried out by people who have some connection to the congregation.
  • The most common violent act at churches, as with schools, is a shooting. 
  • Often there are pre-cursors or warning signs to the violent act, such as threats or previous outbursts, disputes, or confrontations.
  • Most churches are unprepared for a violent event or its aftermath.

Who is at Risk?

  • No church is immune to the risk of a violent episode occurring. 
  • Churches of all sizes, locations, and resources have experienced acts of violence.

Can a Violent Outburst Be Avoided?

  • There is no assurance that a violent episode in church can be avoided. However, you can be prepared for the possibility of an incident occurring.
  • By taking personal responsibility for the safety of your church, you will have done the best thing possible to prevent a violent incident from occurring.

On-Call/Mobile Personal Protection


Personal safety is being compromised left and right these days. Not everyone can afford their own "Personal Bodyguard". We understand that budgets are in place and that everyone should be allowed some sort of elevated protection.  IPG is capable of providing that service by teaming up with a revolutionary new technology company in which we can monitor your location, notify law-enforcement upon activating your personal alarm and if possible have one of our armed protection professionals that are on stand by too respond.

Dark Web Monitoring


Invictus Protection Group, offers a unique service in monitoring social media and the dark web for threat mitigation and protective intelligence. This service allows real time 24/7 monitoring by our intelligence analysts. We are able to monitor over 20 different social media sites, in addition to those utilized by the black market and terrorist organization.

We utilize open source threat intelligence and data aggregation platform that helps companies extract key information and gain situational awareness from publicly available information sources for predictive intelligence and real time issues management, as well as brand monitoring and post-incident review.

While many security teams monitor social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for their protective intelligence, there are many that aren’t monitored that could detect potential harm to a client, business, location, or event. Here are a few additional social media sites that may be chosen by those who may want to target your client.


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